Evalution of Online Sources

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In the backdrop of misinformation campaigns, explosion of information all over internet. We need to know how to evaluate and what information to consider fact. I have tried to put a guide to decide which sources should be trusted as good source of information and which shouldn't be considered at all.

  • What is in this book?

Information on how to decide a video, audio, text, book or any similar source is reliable or not. A step by step guide and list of the reliable sources on various themes.

  • How this book came into existence?

I/User:QueerEcofeminist do use internet to find sources for wikipedia editing and my research work in my capacity as a researcher for various institutions and my own projects too. So I have learned a few methods, ways to find out reliable sources online. I would try and share most of it here in this book.

  • Why I/We am/are writing this book?

Many a times I was asked to see a video, text or listen to a audio which was shared to them via whatsapp or facebook or similar mediums and I was asked to comment on it. When I examined that source I realized it's not just fake but its spreading misinformation. There I decided I should create a easy to read book on how to evaluate a online source for laymen/non-academic/non-researcher person.

Table of Contents[edit | edit source]