Ethnomedicine/Disease Prevention Practices/Disease Prevention Practices T-Z

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The Tying on of Strings[edit]

This method is used in Northern India and comes from the belief that the tying of strings on one's body scares away malovent ghosts or demons that may cause disease. Indian Culture

Wrist Support Pad[edit]

In this growing age of technology, an increasing number of people use the computer for many hours each day. One negative outcome is that many people now suffer from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, a nerve disorder that harms the wrists, arms and hand after prolonged periods of time spent typing or using a keyboard. In order to make the effects less painful and pronounced, the use of a wrist rest or support pad has been more widely used to provide support of and maintain proper alignment. The wrists are moved to the level of the computer, reducing the stress level. This is a recent practice in western society since the invention of the computer.