Erlang Programming/Erlang Resources

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  • Open Source Erlang - Official site
  • Documentation - Comprehensive documentation and user's guide for Erlang/OTP R11B
  • Erldocs - Erlang documentation alternative with filter/search function and better interface
  • trap_exit - Forum and wiki about Erlang
  • Jungerl - Collection of free Erlang software

Large Projects Built with Erlang[edit]

  • CouchDB - Document oriented database
  • ejabberd - A large volume Jabber/XMPP IM server.
  • Wings 3D - A 3D modeller (Wikibook manual: Wings 3D)
  • wxErlang - A GUI API
  • Yaws - A web server (Wikibook manual: Yaws)
  • Disco - An implementation of the Map-Reduce framework
  • Zotonic - The Erlang Web Framewoork & CMS

Erlang related projects[edit]

  • Erlide - An erlang IDE pluging for Eclipse