Erlang Programming/Creating Web Applications with yaws/Appmod

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Yaws have different ways of creating web applications. We have already been familiarized with one way as presented previously in the simple Hello world example, by embedding Erlang code in a .yaws file amongst the html. Another way is to create an appmod. Like embedded Erlang code in .yaws files the appmod is called through the an out/1 function with the arg data structure as parameter.

All appmod applications has to be precompiled and placed in one of the directories specified in the global configurations by an "ebin_dir = /directory" configuration parameter. Then in the virtual host configuration, an appmod has to be specified by two parameters such, "appmods = <myappmod, module>". Whenever the URI contains myappmod the module:out/1 will be called with the arg data structure as parameter.