Environmental Health Engineering Theory and Practice/Peer Review

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The wiki collection of publications, including well-known Wikipedia, provides an easy means of co-authoring work through a global network of contributors. Some formats, such as Wikipedia, are highly fluid with the possibility for many changes without a high degree of rigor of review. Other formats, such as Wikijournals, are still open to edits but include rigorous peer review process resulting in a static version of the article based upon a publication date. While Wikibooks doesn't offer a formal means of peer review, for Environmental Health Engineering Theory and Practice, our team of co-authors has decided to invite peer review as part of our self-policing before publishing a static PDF version of this book. In this manner, each edition, published in a static PDF format, will be more rigorously vetted than a typical Wikipedia article and perhaps slightly less vigorously policed as compared to a typical Wikijournal article.

We thank the following peers who have agreed to provide their reviews on Environmental Health Engineering Theory and Policy: