English Grammar Worksheet/Past simple tense/Part 1

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Change the underlined verb into the past tense.

  1. Mill going to the mall yesterday.
  2. John eating a hamburger 2 weeks ago.
  3. Catherine swimming in hotel pool 5 days ago.
  4. He playing bakiak last week.
  5. He washing the motorcycle 3½ hours ago.
  6. Jill writing the letter to Scott yesterday.
  7. Linda ride the bike last week.
  8. Cheng travel to Michigan last month.
  9. Ling understand the school schedule last year.
  10. Inari eat the biscuit this morning.
  11. Mary commits suicide yesterday.

Change to past tense.

  1. drive -
  2. move -
  3. paint -
  4. arise -
  5. shake -