English Grammar/Subject and Predicate/What is a Sentence

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The sentence is the basic structure that writers use to make the statements that form a paragraph. the sentence uses words to express a complete thought and normally has at least one subject and one predicate.

sentence patterns

pattern 1; subject-verb

The simplest sentence pattern we can use is the subject-verb pattern. all that is necessary to complete this pattern is a subject and an intransitive verb, the kind of verb that takes no object.

1.Birds fly 2.fish swim

pattern 2 subject-verb -subject complement

This pattern uses alinking verb (a form of the verb be or verbs such as appear, become, feel, grow, look, make , seem, smell, and sound) to connect a subject to its complement, the word or words that describe the subject.

1.that pie smells delicious 2.she is a lawyer. 3.he seems preoccupied recently.