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Colors - ألوان (alwàn)

[edit | edit source]
Color English Arabic Transliteration
White أبيض abyäd
Black اسود aswäd
Violet بنفسجي banåfsagy
Blue أزرق azraq
Green أخضر akhdar
Yellow أصفر asfar
Orange برتقالي burtoqally
Red أحمر ahmar
Pink وردي wardy
Brown بنّي bön
Maroon كستنائي kestuna’iy
Gold ذهبي dhahabi
Silver فضي fadhi
Gray رمادي rumadi
Light (as in lighter shade) فاتح faatih
Dark (as in darker shade) غامق ghaamiq
Light yellow أصفر فاتح asfar faatih "
Deep red أحمر غامق ahmar ghaamiq "
Colorful ملون mulawwan
Colorless عديم اللون 'adiim alawn
  • We have covered all the basic colours. Make sure you practice writing them down on a notebook and read them aloud to print them into memory. All the best learning the colours in Arabic.