Engineering Statics/Appendices/Conversion Factors

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U.S. Customary Units to SI Units[edit]

To convert from To Multiply by
ft/sec^2 m/s^2
in/sec^2 m/s^2
ft^2 m^2
in^2 m^2
lbm/in^3 kg/m^3
lbm/ft^3 kg/m^3
kip (1000 lb) N
lb N
ft m
in m
mi (U.S. statute) m
mi (international nautical) m
lbm kg
slug (lb-sec^2/ft) kg
ton (2000 lbm) kg
lb-ft N-m
lb-in N-m
in^4 m^4
lb-ft-sec^2 kg-m^2
lb-sec kg-m/s
lb-ft-sec kg-m^2/s
ft-lb/min W
hp (550 ft-lb/sec) W
atm (14.7 lb/in^2) N/m^2 or Pa
lb/ft^2 N/m^2 or Pa
lb/in^2 or psi N/m^2 or Pa
lb/in N/m
ft/sec m/s
knot (nautical mi/hr) m/s
mi/hr m/s
mi/hr km/h
ft^3 m^3
in^3 m^3
ft-lb J
kw-h J
* Exact value