Engineering Analysis of Biological Systems

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This online book shall serve as a handy resource and repository for topics critical to biological systems engineers. It is a compilation of a variety of topics - all of which biological engineers need to understand. Biological systems are diverse, include plants, animals, and microbes, and range from grain, to food, to feed, to fuel, and other biological materials. Key tools for biological systems engineers include mathematics, physics, chemistry, and, of course, biology. Many other topics and applications are important as well, and we will try to compile as many as possible. If you have topics which should be included, please contact

List of Topics[edit]

Introductory Material[edit]

Biological Engineering Fundamentals[edit]

Biological Resources[edit]

Biological Applications[edit]

Mathematics Fundamentals[edit]

Engineering Fundamentals[edit]

Engineering Ethics[edit]

Engineering Design[edit]

Process Engineering[edit]

Unit Operations[edit]

Machine Analysis[edit]

Techno-Economic Analysis[edit]

Environmental Engineering[edit]

Industrial Ecology[edit]

Life Cycle Assessment[edit]

Climate Change[edit]