Emerging Instructional Technology/Preface

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This Emerging Instructional Technology book is the product of the students in the Emerging Instructional Technology course taught at the University of Northern Iowa in Fall of 2007. The Emerging Instructional Technologies was offered as an "experimental course" because this was the first semester that it was offered.

These topics were selected by teams and they created learning environments to introduce the rest of the class to the topic and its educational opportunities. Each team used a teaching method that incorporated its technology as well as providing an on-going learning process that began before the students attended on their assigned night and continued until after that evening as they completed and submitted their assignments.

Finally, each group compiled their research and experiences into research-based chapters for this book. You will notice that we have standardized the formats for each of the chapters. We have them divided into the Introduction and Background, Definitions, Ethics, Instructional Use, Conclusions and Recommendations, Examples/Case Studies, and References.

We would be interested in your feedback about our first venture into wikibooks. You can email me at zeitz﹫uni.edu.

Dr. Leigh Zeitz
Associate Professor
University of Northern Iowa