Elementary Spanish/Unit4.1

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Unit 4: Elementary Spanish

In this Unit, we will continue to work with adverbs in new forum through the conext of ecosystems.


Continued Adverb Practice
Introduction to future tense

Click here for the Warm Up Activity

Warm up: The following book is a “How To” book that shows kids how to safely have fun in New York City public parks, while maintaining the safety of all living things around them. In six simple steps, kids will know how to enjoy the park while letting plants, animals and other people enjoy the park too.

While reading the book, sort the steps into three categories. Which steps are to ensure the safety of animals? Which steps are to ensure the safety of people? Which steps are to ensure the safety of plants?

Next, we'll read through the Featured Story for this lesson: The Ecosystem. This is a nonfiction story about city animals. Try to practice information from previous lessons and determine the tense of the verbs within the story and identify nouns.

The Ecosystem

Recognition and Modelling

In this section, we'll begin to discuss different types of adverbs.

Many adverbs are used to describe how, when, or why something was done.

Adverb Activities

Activity 1 This activity practices different verb tenses covered in earlier lessons, as well as new vocabulary learned in this story.
Activity 2 In order to get more familiar with the adverbs used in this story,
try to identify the correct translations of the adverbial phrases within the story.
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