Elementary Spanish/Unit1 Grammar2

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Part 2: Subject Pronouns and Infinitive Verbs

In Part 2, we will gain familiarity with subject pronouns.
In this section, we will gain a solid familiarity of pronouns and infinitive verbs separately
before we combine these ideas to begin work on creating short sentences.

Part 2: Lesson

Subject Pronouns[edit]

Classes of gender and number also exist within subject pronouns.
These two sections, gender and number, determine how nouns are treated within a sentence.
In Spanish, it is common for subject pronouns to be omitted, as they are incorporated as part of a verb conjugation.
We will begin verb conjugations next.

Persona Person
Español Inglés
Yo I
Él He
Ella She
Nosotros We
Ellos They
Ellas They (females)

Infinitive Verbs: Story [edit]

There are three broad categories of verb-types in Spanish:
Verbs that end in ...

  • -AR*
  • -ER*
  • -IR*

Regular Verbs
Español Inglés
escuchar to listen
soplar to blow
abrazar to hug / to embrace
quitar to take off
enseñar to show / to teach
mirar to look
parar to stop
correr to run
cantar to sing
Iregular Verbs
Español Inglés
ir to go
dar to give
estar to be
poner to put
caer to fall
decir to say
jugar to play
dolor to have pain

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