Elementary Spanish/Past Education/Talking with each other

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Goals[edit | edit source]

Vocabulary[edit | edit source]

Vocabulary practice

School Escuela
Elementary Primaria
High school Escuela secundaria
University Universidad
College Colegio
Home school / parent taught Escuela en casa/ padres enseñaron
Class Clase
Was Era
Were Fueron
football Futbol Americano
Soccer Futbol
Baseball Béisbol
Basketball Basquetbol
Track/running Correr
Volleyball Voleibol

Possible questions for language exchange[edit | edit source]

Where did you go to school? ¿Dónde fuiste a la escuela?
How big was it? ¿Qué grande estaba?
How many students attended there? ¿Cuántos estudiantes tenía?
How many teachers did you have? ¿Cuántos maestros tuviste?
Did you like it? ¿Te gusto?
Were you a good student? ¿Eras un estudiante bueno?
Did you play sports? ¿Jugaste deportes?

Practice with these terms in this interactive exercise: Question practice activity

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Links and Resources[edit | edit source]