Elementary Spanish/Meeting people/Lesson 3

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Learn some of the gender-specific terms for family members and the articles to use when referring to people of that gender.

Example Phrases[edit]

Juan is inquiring about a beautiful woman he is romantically interested in. Sofia, in attempts to steer him away from her cousin, clarifies whether or not he is asking about a woman with a red blouse. Juan is asking about the woman in the blue blouse, who is in fact Sofia's cousin.

   Juan: ¿Quien es esa mujer? 
   Sofía: ¿La mujer con la blusa roja? 
   Juan: No. Estoy hablando de la mujer con la blusa azul. 
   Sofía: Esa mujer es mi prima. 

Sofia mentions that her sister's name is Margarita. Juan mentions that his brother's name is Luis.

Sofía: Mi hermana se llama Margarita. Juan: Mi hermano se llama Luis.


  • un
  • una
  • y
  • dos
  • el hombre
  • la mujer
  • la niña
  • el niño
  • el prima
  • la hermana
  • el hermano


Lesson notes[edit]