Electronics Fundamentals/Electronic Converter

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AC - DC Converter[edit | edit source]

AC - DC Converter is an electronics device build from Transformer, Rectifier , Filter and Regulator that has the capability to convert alternating AC volatge into directing DC voltage

Configuration[edit | edit source]

Simple dc power supply schematic.png

Transformer[edit | edit source]

Transformer that takes 120 V 60 Hz AC voltage and steps it down to 12 V 60 Hz AC with turn ratio 1:10

Rectifier[edit | edit source]

Rectifier consists of 4 diodes connected in bridge used to convert AC voltage into unidirectional AC voltage

Filter[edit | edit source]

Large electrolytic capacitor is used to filter out ripple wave form

Regulator[edit | edit source]

A regulator consists of a resistor and a zener diode to regulate output level at 12 V DC