Electronics/RL transient

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RL Series Open-Closed.svg

For a series RL of one resistor connected with one inductor in a closed loop

Circuit Impedance[edit]

In Polar Form Z/_θ

= R/_0 + ω L/_90
Z = |Z|/_θ = /_Tan-1

In Complex Form Z(jω)

Differential Equation of circuit at equilibrium[edit]

Time Constant[edit]

t I(t) % Io
0 A = eC = Io 100%
R/L .63 Io 60% Io
2 R/L Io
3 R/L Io
4 R/L Io
5 R/L .01 Io 10% Io

Angle Difference between Voltage and Current[edit]

Voltage leads Current at an angle ? When a determining process is necessary many problems arise in a diagram. We need to expend on one process for the determing factor in this type of formulae

Tan? =

Change the value of R and L will change the value Angle Difference, Angular Frquency, Frequency, Time