Electronics/Digital to Analog Converters

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Block Diagram for an n-bit Digital to Analog Converter.

D/A converter converts digital or binary data into its equivalent analog data.This analog data is required to drive motors and other analog devices. The converted analog value is either in voltage or current form.

There are two types of D/A converters:

  • Weighted Resistor or Resistive Divider type
  • R-2R Ladder type

Weighted Resistor Type Digital-to-Analog Converter[edit | edit source]

In the weighted resistor type D/A Converter, each digital voltage is converted into an equivalent analog voltage or current. In a 4-bit D/A converter, from 0000 to 1111, there are 15 discrete levels and hence it is convenient to divide the output analog signal into 15 discrete levels.

Specifications of D/A Converter[edit | edit source]

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