Electronics/Digital Circuits

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Overview[edit | edit source]

In Digital circuits there are two parts one is Digital the other is circuits.


means a description of system which operates on digits or numbers.
The numbers that a digital system operates upon are binary numbers.One binary digit just have two values '0' and '1'. This '0' or '1' are analogous to 'off' and 'on', 'false' and 'true', etc. The Binary digIT is known as 'bit'. In day to day activities we use numbers and every digit of that number can be between 0 - 9. We use combination of such digital to for numbers bigger than 9. Similarly we can use combination of bits, i.e. combination of 1 & 0, to form bigger binary numbers.

Circuit can be any electric circuit and Digital circuit is a circuit which is designed to implement the description of digital circuit.

Digital circuits are developed using a special type of mathematics called 'Boolean Algebra'.