Economic Sophisms/249

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Template:Fs90/s "We shall greatly mistake the rank or character of this treatise, if we but regard it as a successful exposition of its first and early rudiments for the benefit of those who are yet schoolboys on the subject. It is something far higher than an exposition, — ^it is a rectification of first principles ; for the author grapples with some of die first and fundamental doctrines of those who have been esteemed the greatest masters in the science, and, as we think, overturns them. Such are the changes which he advocates on the alphabetic characters of the science as lead to different readings and different lessons throughout, and will help onward to the establishment of a different school from any of those which now are most prized and most resorted to."—DR CHALMERS, IN NORTH BRITISH REVIEW. Template:Fs90/e





Template:Fs90/s "Toutes les questions de fait et de doctrine qui se rattachent à la découverte des nouvelles mines d'or ont été étudiées par M. Stirling avec sagesse et sobriété. Son livre est un des meilleurs recueils de faits et d'idées qui aient été publiés sur cette question."—JOURNAL DES ÉCONOMISTES.

M. Stirling fait remarqner que la dépréciation des métaux précieux est déterminée moins par les quantités extraites que par la réduction des prix de revient. Cette demonstration est l'originalite de son livre."—REVUE DES DEUX MONDES. Template:Fs90/e





HARMONIES of POLITICAL ECONOMY. By FRÉDÉRIC BASTIAT. Translated from the French, with a Notice of his Life and Writings. Part I. 8vo, 7s. 6d.

HARMONIES of POLITICAL ECONOMY, Part II, with Notes and an Index to both Parts. 8vo, 68. 6d.

Template:Fs90/s "Bastiat speaks with the greatest force to the highest order of intellects. At the same time, he is almost the only Political Economist whose style is brilliant and fascinating, whilst his irresistible logic is relieved by sallies of wit and humour which make his Sophismes as amusing as a novel."—RICHARD COBDEN. Template:Fs90/e