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While Wikibooks offers somewhat clearer opportunities for "authorship" than Wikipedia, there remains the fact that anything put here is really just a contribution, and everyone who furthers the effort is a contributor. In this respect there are no "authors". If you are interested in developing a particular subject within ecology as part of this textbook, please start the module and link it here. We will work out the chapter arrangement after you get started. Of course, you can also just expand on an existing chapter.

  • Eric Guinther is a biologist and environmental consultant living in Kane'ohe, Hawai'i. He first envisioned and applied the approach of creating a textbook around articles found in Wikipedia with the Wikibooks Botany textbook. By working to expand and improve those articles at Wikipedia referred to as "assignments", the quality and quantity of the Study Guide to Basic Ecology was gradually enhanced. These efforts were done with the steady help of numerous talented contributors at Wikipedia who, collectively, would have no interest in working on a textbook project per-se. Ultimately, the user of the guide benefits from the textbook's approach: 1) by having more control over the depth into any subtopic pursued and 2) being limited in that pursuit only by that considerable information available at Wikipedia and other linked websites.
  • Others (add your name and thoughts here if you are a serious contributor)
  • Other anonymous Wikibook contributors (see individual page histories).
  • Numerous other Wikipedia contributors.