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More to explore[edit | edit source]

This section discusses additional noteworthy features of ETF mapping (not just related to entities) and provides links to further online resources.

Compiling with q3map2[edit | edit source]

Here is the complete manual to q3map2: Q3Map2

Make sure you use -fs_game etf , -game et and -custinfoparms switches on each phase of the compile (bsp, vis, light)

Example of a .bat used to compile etf_2stoned:

"C:\Program Files\GtkRadiant-1.4\q3map_2.5.16\q3map2.exe" -v -game et -fs_basepath "D:\Games\Wolf-ET" -meta -custinfoparms -fs_game etf "D:\Games\Wolf-ET\etmain\maps\" > compile-recent-bsp.log

"C:\Program Files\GtkRadiant-1.4\q3map_2.5.16\q3map2.exe" -fs_basepath "D:\Games\Wolf-ET" -fs_game etf -game et -vis -saveprt "D:\Games\Wolf-ET\etmain\maps\" > compile-recent-vis.log

"C:\Program Files\GtkRadiant-1.4\q3map_2.5.16\q3map2.exe" -fs_basepath "D:\Games\Wolf-ET" -fs_game etf -game et -light -fast -q3 -samples 2 -bounce 8 -dirty -patchshadows -shade -v "D:\Games\Wolf-ET\etmain\maps\" > compile-recent-light.log

Decompiling BSPs into map files[edit | edit source]

A good way to learn is to examine how specific map features are implemented in an existing map. With the q3map2 tool included with GtkRadiant, you can take a .pk3 archive with the map, extract it and decompile the contained BSP file into a .map file:

q3map2.x86 -convert -format map -game et -fs_basepath /path/to/enemy-territory/etf /path/to/etf_map.bsp

The created file is suitable for viewing with GtkRadiant or a text editor.

Particle system[edit | edit source]

ETF includes a particle engine for making light effects, sparks, etc. To add a source of particles to your map, create an entity like the one in the example below:

    "classname" "misc_particlesystem"
    "origin" "8 0 80"
    "script" "spirit/maps/muon_blue_sparks.spirit"
    "dir" "90"

The "script" attribute refers to a script file in one of the *.pk3 archives available to the game engine. To see examples, extract the *.spirit files contained in the pk3s shipped with ETF.