ERP Internals/Modules/Human Resources

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Human Resources handles all aspects of managing employees except for paying them, which is done by Payroll. It oversees recruitment and hiring, records attendance, handles training, manages benefits, handles compliance with government regulations and ensures terminations are handled properly. Like Payroll, Human Resources is often very country-specific. Only high-end ERP packages have a Human Resources module.

HR Modules[edit]

  • Core HR
  • Learning Management
  • Payroll
  • Benefits
  • HR Intelligence
  • Self-service*- Employees can see their pay, accrued benefits and basic information via the web and update some portions of it (name, and address for example).


Payroll and Human Resources share the Employee table which contains one record for every employee.

Data Exchange[edit]

Human Resources does not send to or receive transactions from other modules.