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ERP5's wiki lives on


[edit | edit source]

Dear authors:

  • handbook shall be readable from chapter to chapter
  • do not go into details to fast, refer to wiki
  • be more descriptive than technical - technical information shall be on wiki/in code
  • better explain something few times with examples, short and technical explanation style shall be in wiki - handbook shall prepare reader to wiki-like documentation
  • you are kindly asked to add yourself to authors page.

What to put in handbook and what on wiki

[edit | edit source]


[edit | edit source]
  • descriptive information and introductory content about ERP5
  • complete tutorial-like documents
  • group links to ERP5 wiki with descriptions - readers shall be lead
  • might be less precise, little inadequate - concentrate on what reader shall understand and not on details - this is wiki work
  • everything what is ERP5's wiki like - look how wiki looks right now
  • various HowTos, Technical Notes, etc.

Handbook and wiki synchronisation

[edit | edit source]

There is possibility that some information will start to duplicate on wiki and handbook. Then some decision shall be made - if it is on wiki, and is not so technical, propose to move it into handbook. If it is on handbook and it is to technical - create/reference to proper wiki page.

Decision shall be made by humans.


[edit | edit source]

Put here list of extensions, which you'd like to see in book. Sign yourself with 4 tildes.


[edit | edit source]
  • automatic documentation reference generator, at least parts which are fetch able from source-code
  • maybe use of DocBook system or its derivative instead of wikibooks?

Wikibooks extensions

[edit | edit source]
  • automatic TOC generation