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Alignment Neutral Evil
Type Undead
Publication history
Source books Monster Manual IV
First appearance 1982

In the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game, the bloodhulk is an undead being. They were originally evil, fanatical, shamanistic humans or similar creatures whom others had come to worship as a god, and had too many sacrifices made to them. When they die, the gallons of blood from those sacrificed to them begins to run in their veins, and they arise as oozing, hulking, misshapen abominations.

Publication history[edit| edit source]

The bloodhulk crusher, bloodhulk fighter, and bloodhulk giant appeared in the Monster Manual IV (2006).[1]

Physical description[edit| edit source]

Bloodhulks resemble, albeit very vaguely, humans. So full of blood has their muscles, skin, sinew and such become, however, that they look nothing short of mutated, and their identity is completely lost. Their veins bulge through their thick, red, rippling skin, struggling to pump blood to their gargantuan upper masses. Their heads are incredibly disproportionate to the rest of their body, being shriveled and wizened and tiny at the top of their massive torsos.

Society[edit| edit source]

Most Bloodhulks cannot speak. The few that can speak Undercommon.

They are neutral evil in alignment.

References[edit| edit source]

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