Ambush drake

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Ambush drake
Alignment Neutral evil
Type Dragon
Image image
Publication history
Source books Monster Manual III

In the Dungeons and Dragons fantasy |role-playing game/, the Ambush drake is a Dragon. Unlike traditional D&D Dragons, which are somewhat feline, Ambush drakes are lupine (wolf-like). Ambush drakes are short, squat and compact compared to normal Dragons, but still grow to be at least as large as an adult human. They have muscular limbs, and short spines on their necks and ugly heads. Their wings are disproportionate. Ambush drakes have grey bodies and back legs, with dark orangey-red heads, front legs and wings. They are far less intelligent than regular Dragons.

Characteristics and habits[edit| edit source]

Ambush drakes live in temperate planes, craggy valleys, and the borders of wastelands in packs of 3 to 12 individuals (solitary ones do exist, though). These packs have traditional draconic traits (the members enjoy hoarding treasure), only with the social habit in mind (individuals do not keep their own hoard, the hoard is shared by a pack). For the most part, however, Ambush drakes are more wolf-like than dragon-like, and are concerned mostly with hunting and killing and basically surviving life. They hunt in coordinated packs, closing prey into a corner and then attacking with their breath weapons. They can also use their teeth and claws, and according to Monster Manual III, they are also poisonous. Their concern is with food and treasure, not terror, and they will typically ignore fleeing prey, instead focusing on one they have weakened and is right in front of them.

Ambush drakes speak Common and Draconic, but rarely do so, preferring to use Psionics. Ambush drake packs share a communal consciousness, with all Ambush drakes being completely emphatic of other nearby Ambush drakes.

They are neutral evil in alignment.

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