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Alignment Neutral
Type Ooze
Image Wizards.com image
Publication history
Source books Fiend Folio
First appearance 1992

In the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game, most commonly the Forgotten Realms campaign setting, the Aballin is an Ooze. They resemble large puddles of stagnant, jelly-like water. (They are actually oozes though, not elemental creatures of water, because their substance, though it resembles water, is actually an acid.) They were supposedly created in ancient times when a druid fell victim to an archwizard's curse and turned into the first Aballin. All other Aballins are thought to be descended from her.

Characteristics and habits[edit| edit source]

Like most Oozes, Aballins live underground. Unlike some Oozes, however, most of which merely drag themselves around and engulf whatever they find, Aballins have a more sophisticated way of feeding. They lie dormant until prey comes along, and the said prey notices coins and other treasures, the remnants of the Aballin's previous victims, floating at the bottom of the creature. Thinking it to be merely water, they reach in to retrieve the treasures, and then the Aballin lashes out with liquid pseudopods, grapples with the victim, and pulls them in and drowns them.

Aballins cannot speak, and they are regarded as neutral in alignment.

Publication history[edit| edit source]

The aballin has appeared in the following publications:

  • Introduced in second edition Fiend Folio Monstrous Compendium supplement book (1992).[1]
  • Reprinted in the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting (1993)
  • Reprinted in the Monstrous Compendium Annual Volume One {1994).
  • Introduced for third edition in the Monsters of Faerûn supplement book (2001).

References[edit| edit source]

  1. Williams, Skip, et al. Monstrous Compendium Fiend Folio Appendix (TSR, 1992)