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Dalamar Argent (born in 265 AC), also known as Dalamar the Dark, Dalamar of Tarsis, and Dalamar Nightson is a fictional character from the Dragonlance series of books. He is a Silvanesti elf, though he has now been made a dark elf and thus exiled for using evil magic. Dalamar is a Wizard of the Black Robes, calling upon the black moon Nuitari for his power. Dalamar was apprenticed to the great wizard Raistlin Majere, and he was, for a short time, Highmage of the Conclave, which is the society that rules the magical world. He was once killed, but is now resurrected and still serving the Black Robes and the entire magical world.

Despite the fact that black robes indicate evilness in the Dragonlance universe, Dalamar has helped out noble characters in the cause of good upon multiple occasions.

Early life[edit | edit source]

Dalamar was a servant elf, being part of the lowest caste in elven society House Servitor. While young, he was taught a few magic spells, useful for mending broken items and cleaning. His love for magic made him desire to join the House Mystic, but his status of servant prevented a formal application.

Dalamar, though never having taken the Test that all true wizards must, was allowed to wear the White Robes. However, by chance, he found a secret cave near the border of Silvanesti containing some books of dark magic. Studying the books, he became a worshiper of Nuitari.

Lord Ralan of House Woodshaper allowed Dalamar into his house in the servant area when Dalamar got into trouble following his many visits to the cave for study. Dalamar was later accepted into House Cleric under Tellin Windglimmer. Dalamar was told by Tellin that magic was a possibility in his future, and this caused Dalamar to work fervently for his new master.

The War of the Lance[edit | edit source]

Silvanesti, Dalamar's homeland, was attacked by Dragon Highlords early in the War. Dalamar had a plan that was initially meant to save Silvanesti, though he saw it could become a way to add to his will to take the Test. The plan was to use illusion magic in an attempt to confuse the enemy, which was generally frowned upon by elven magicians, though the Speaker of the Stars, Lorac, accepted the plan.

The plan worked, but the battle was lost. Tellin was killed afterwards, and soon Dalamar was sent away with the other elves to Southern Ergoth. Dalamar rejoiced here, finding himself freed of his servitude because the Kagonesti were being enslaved. He found a lover, K'gathala, who taught him the magic of her people. It was K'gathala that inadvertently named Dalamar as "Nightson", letting him know that Argent meant just that in Kagonesti.

After the War, Dalamar returned to Silvanesti along with the other elves. He soon went to his cave and pledged allegiance to Nuitari, but was later discovered and named a dark elf by Alhana. During the time before he was exiled, he also heard tell of the great wizard, Raistlin Majere.

Dalamar's Test[edit | edit source]

Dalamar wandered for a time and found his way to Tarsis, where he studied the ways of magic and grew ever more knowledgeable. Afterwards, he wandered more, and soon he came upon The Tower of High Sorcery of Wayreth. Here, he took the Test. A black-robed she-wizard came to him in the Test and took him to the Tower of High Sorcery of Istar. During the Test, Lorac was seen taking the Dragon Orb from the tower, and Dalamar knew it would doom Silvanesti. He refused to stop it, proving magic took precedence over all things in his life. He passed the Test and joined the Black Robes, and went on a quest to kill Tramd, the one who killed Tellin.

The Blue Lady's War[edit | edit source]

Dalamar soon killed a blue dragon by name of Blade, and was captured. Tramd, now part of the Blue Lady's Army, gave Dalamar the chance to join. Dalamar killed Tramd after refusing the offer, but his comrade Regene was also killed. Dalamar returned to the Conclave and they offered him the chance to learn from Raistlin Majere, on the condition that he would report back to them as a spy. Dalamar accepted.

Raistlin, fully aware of what Dalamar was, revealed his grand plan to travel back in time and learn under Fistandandtilus, then go on to overthrow Takhisis. Raistlin told Dalamar he would give him much power and even Raistlin's sister, Kitiara, if he would help. Dalamar was, however, punished by Raistlin with five holes in his chest from his master's hand that remain to this day.

Dalamar was then charged by the Conclave to stop Raistlin from returning to Krynn via the Portal to the Abyss. The reward for this was great; Dalamar would be made Master of the Tower of High Sorcery of Palanthas, as well as the next head of the Black Robes. Dalamar encountered Kitiara later, and they were attracted to each other immediately. The two had a short affair with one another and soon became lovers. They decided to stop Raistlin; though Dalamar would eventually decide to aid Raistlin for the purpose of increasing the power of his magic, proving once again that magic was the most important thing in his life.

Lord Soth, Knight of the Black Rose and a member of Kit's army, informed Kitiara that Dalamar had betrayed her. Kit would then attack Palanthas in a campaign known as the Blue Lady's War, in an effort to stop her brother and his apprentice. Dalamar and Kitiara fought, and Kit would have won, but through the interference of Tas Burrfoot, Dalamar instead killed Kit. Raistlin succeeded in returning to Krynn, emerging during the Dwarfgate Wars.

Tasslehoff Burrfoot accidentally saved Dalamar's life when Kitiara was going to kill him. This happened because Tas altered the past to stop Tanis from dying, and this action spared Dalamar as well.

The Chaos War[edit | edit source]

Dalamar was soon made Master of the Tower of High Sorcery of Palanthas and head of the Black Robes, and started a relationship with Jenna, daughter of Justarius, Highmage of the Conclave. Dalamar had a hand in allowing Palin Majere, Caramon Majere's son, to take the Test. Dalamar assisted in assaulting the Thorn Knights locked up in Storm's Keep, where Justarius died, making Dalamar Highmage of the Conclave. Dalamar aided powerful men of Silvanesti and Qualinesti in sending Alhana and Porthios into exile from their nations.

The Irda would soon smash the Graygem open to add to their magic. Usha, future wife of Palin, gave a letter to Dalamar that explained things about the Irda. Dalamar convened the Conclave following Usha's capture. He later found Tas and Palin were inside his lab at the Tower of Palanthas, and Usha and Steel waiting outside. This was Raistlin Majere's doing; he had been brought back to the world for a short time, in order to aid in the Chaos War.

The War of Souls[edit | edit source]

After the Chaos War, when magic disappeared, the Shadow Sorcerer (who would later be revealed as Takhisis) granted him with the power of necromancy. He hid in a Tower of High Sorcery until such a time as Palin Majere and Tasslehoff Burrfoot found him.

Soon after, he and Palin were slain by Mina in Takhisis' name, and were used in a plot to bring the world wholly under the dark goddess' command. In an attempt to regain his life and the magic he longed for, he betrayed Palin and let Takhisis have another chance at entering the world.

Later, after the War of Souls was won and Takhisis was slain, he was almost dismissed by Nuitari, his chief deity, for betraying him and all of magic. Raistlin insisted that his nephew Palin be given life and the magic of old, to which Solinari consented, but Nuitari said if Palin was to be given life and magic, so must Dalamar, to maintain the balance. The gods of magic accepted this petition, although Solinari and Lunitari put as condition that he would never be able to enter the Tower of Palanthas again.

With the return of the gods of magic, Dalamar joined Jenna and Coryn Brinefolk in the search for the Tower of Wayreth, which was occupied by wild magic wizards. The battle against the wizards left his face scarred for life.

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