Dragon Quest/Walkthrough

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The walkthrough that follows presents the chapter-by-chapter story of Dragon Warrior. The game itself is quite simple however; once you are familiar with the gameplay very little needs be known to win the game.

Item summary

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Something like 95% of the first Dragon Warrior game is spent leveling up. Check out General strategy for advice on doing this, and be ready to spend some time at it. Buy the best items and equipment, upgrading your weapons, armor, and shield each time as soon as you have enough money for it. When you are ready, you can begin searching out what you will need or want to have to defeat the Dragonlord. Without extensive luck, you will need to be level 20-25 to have a chance at winning; most of the tasks below can be accomplished at much lower level however.

With all the above items and a sufficiently high level you can defeat the Dragon Lord, located deep within The Dragon Lord's Castle.