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Downloading Files from IRC

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Newbie Notice:

Getting files over IRC is a waiting game that requires patience, a stable connection, and a decent IRC client. It may also involve the use of some basic DOS / Bash like commands to search through different servers to find the file you want.

Still interested?

If you are completely new to IRC, I suggest having a look at the Some Notes for Beginners section and the Setting Up Your IRC Client for Downloading Files section as well before going through the rest of this guide. Reading them first may save you some trouble in the long run.


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The meaning of some terms used in this guide:

  • IRC client: Program to access an IRC network
  • fServ or file server: An add-on for your IRC client, lets other people browse and download files off of your hard drive.
  • PM (Private Message): A message that only the sender and receiver can see.
  • Packlist: List with all the files an XDCC bot is serving and their send numbers


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o Fix images in "Setting Up Your IRC Client for Downloading Files"
o Remove slang / rough grammar
o Have commands your suppose to enter in a different color like green?
o Clean up the XDCC packlist section
o Add more info about the other commands (queues, help, etc.)?
o Add clause about the removing "" & [ ] before typing commands, triggers, etc
o Add clause about not repeatedly hammering triggers
o Add something about !list [nickname] rather then !list
o Add something about why use the server window and not the # window (trigger spam)
o Add something about the "dccserver on port ?" fserve's
o Add something about the v+ only fservs
o Picture examples?