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You will need to find weapons and powerups to assist you in defeating the monsters. You might also need to find switches and/or keys to finish a level.

Weapons[edit | edit source]

In the following table, Power is the approximate average damage one shot will inflict (in hit points, assuming a direct hit), and Version refers to the game version the weapon first appears in:

  • S - Shareware version (Doom Episode 1)
  • R - Registered/Ultimate version (Doom Episodes 2-4)
  • 2 - Doom II
Weapon Power Version
Fist 11 S
Chainsaw 11 S
Pistol 10 S
Shotgun 70 S
Chaingun 10 S
Rocket launcher 218 S
Plasma rifle 22.5 R
BFG 9000 3130 R
Super Shotgun 200 2

Cyberdemons and Spider Masterminds take only the direct hit damage from a rocket (average 90 HP), not the additional blast damage (average 128 HP) that other monsters suffer.

Powerups[edit | edit source]

Powerup Effect Duration
Bullets, Shells, Rockets, Plasma Cells Ammunition for weapons
Health potion, Stimpack, Medikit, Soul sphere 1%, 10%, 25%, and 100% health boosts, respectively (only health potions and soul spheres will boost health above 100%) Instant
Spiritual armor, Security armor, Combat armor 1%, 100%, and 200% armor boosts, respectively (security armor will not boost the player to over 100%) Instant
Megasphere (Doom II series only) Boosts both health and armor to maximum (200%) Instant
Radiation suit Protects against damaging floors 60 seconds
Berserk pack Makes fists ten times more powerful, heals player to 100% health if lower upon pickup Level
Backpack Doubles ammo carrying capacity (only first picked up) and provides some ammo Episode¹
Computer map Reveals unexplored areas on in-game map Level
Key Opens corresponding locked doors; comes in keycard or skull form Level
Light amplification visor Renders dark areas at full brightness 120 seconds
Partial invisibility Makes player difficult to see; makes monster aim less accurate 60 seconds
Invulnerability Provides immunity to damage, player's view (except for sky) becomes extremely bright 30 seconds
  1. Doom II is not divided into episodes; the backpack's effect lasts until the end of the game

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