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There are four different types of bosses. The list compromises of either a gorilla, a Hog, a Roc, or a Tusk (robotic elephant). Every boss has 500 HP, and will become angry and start using new moves when lowered to 300 HP. Each boss looks similar to others in the same category, except with different colors.

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Kongs[edit | edit source]

Kongs are the only close range bosses, and also have Kong at the end of their names. DK has to dodge their punches, then punch back at them, over and over again in a Punch Out!! manner. For the apes in the later kingdoms, DK may have to dodge many times to avoid their attacks. Despite the fact that they all have the surname Kong, they do not seem related to Donkey Kong.

Lists of Apes (in the order they appear)

  • Dread Kong (Appearance: Banana Kingdom (1st Kingdom))
  • Karate Kong (Appearance: Pineapple Kingdom (6th Kingdom))
  • Ninja Kong (Appearance: Apple Kingdom (12th Kingdom))
  • Sumo Kong (Appearance: Star Fruit Kingdom (16th Kingdom))

Rocs[edit | edit source]

The start of a fight between DK and the first Roc, Scruff Roc.

Rocs are simple giant birds guarding their egg and their Kingdom. They're based on the mythological Roc. Originally, the first one can only shoot long ranged feathers, which can be destroyed by clapping. The ones that appear later on can shoot giant blue fireball-like rocks (such as the ones found in the level Banshee Swamp) and gain a black aura around the egg to prevent from attacking their egg immediately. Rocs are defeated when DK jumps up to its egg using any means necessary and pounds its egg to defeat them.

Lists of Birds (in the order they appear)

  • Scruff Roc (Appearance: Orange Kingdom (2nd Kingdom))
  • Fleet Roc (Appearance: Lemon Kingdom (7th Kingdom))
  • Hard Roc (Appearance: Cherry Kingdom (9th Kingdom))
  • Thunder Roc (Appearance: Lychee Kingdom (14th Kingdom))

Hogs[edit | edit source]

Hogs are nimble warthogs that have electrical powers and an affinity with coconuts. They will slash DK if he gets too close, and will throw out a few coconuts. The player must then counter by making jump up to the coconuts then clap, allowing Donkey Kong to quickly hit the coconut into the hog, stunning it. The player must then move Dk to the stunned Hog, allowing the player to beat the bongos to damage the warthog. Later in the game, the Hogs will gain abilities, such as shooting electric balls.

Lists of Hogs (in the order they appear)

  • Rogue-Hog (Appearance: Watermelon Kingdom (3rd Kingdom))
  • Mo-Hog (Appearance: Strawberry Kingdom (5th Kingdom))
  • Bloat-Hog (Appearance: Melon Kingdom (11th Kingdom))
  • Gloat-Hog (Appearance: Pear Kingdom (13th Kingdom))

Tusks[edit | edit source]

The first Tusk, Turret Tusk, defeated.

Tusks are giant robotic elephants that stand still like turrets (thus the name of the first boss, Turret Tusk), and are Kings for four of the areas. At first the tusks merely shoot cannon balls at various angles from their trunks, but will later on fire a laser out of their trunk ( starting at making Grave Tusk angry), send flaming cannon balls (starting at making Torch Tusk angry), or even gang up on Donkey Kong with two Tusks at once (Final meet with King Tusks at Chili Pepper Kingdom). To defeat the Tusks, DK must pick up nearby plants holding pineapple bombs, and when the Tusks suck inward to prepare to blast cannon balls. This will damage the tusk , and a heart will appear on the Tusk, along with five pineapple bombs shot out of its trunk. Donkey Kong can then damage it further by picking them up and throwing them at the heart, where they will attach and eventually explode, damaging it heavily. If Donkey Kong throws a pineapple bomb without it being sucked up, it will barely damage the boss.

List of Tusks (in the order they appear)

  • Turret Tusk (Appearance: Apple Kingdom (4th Kingdom))
  • Grave Tusk (Appearance: Grape Kingdom (8th Kingdom))
  • Torch Tusk (Appearance: Peach Kingdom (10th Kingdom))
  • Double Tusk (Appearance: Chili Pepper Kingdom (15th Kingdom))

Other[edit | edit source]

Cactus King and Ghastly King are the final bosses of the game (Cactus King is a weaker version of Ghastly King, the final boss). Both are large gorillas. Donkey Kong can fight Cactus King once he has twenty-two crests, and has beaten the J barrel, while Ghastly King can be fought once 51 crests have been obtained. A short stage called "VS Ghastly King" or "VS Cactus King" involving Mini-Turret Tusks and Ninjapes must be overcome before landing in an area where the boss can be seen. Cactus and Ghastly King are and fight pretty much the exact same way, and their appearance is/are the same. They attack the same way too, but Ghastly King can shoot a green fireball that can be destroyed with a clap, and has a flip kick when Donkey Kong jumps high in the air. As you face him he will walk toward Donkey Kong and use a number of kicks adjusting to height that can easily be countered.