Donkey Kong Country/Levels/Ropey Rampage

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  • Enemies: Army, Kritter, Zinger
  • Bonus Rooms: 2
  • Animal Helpers: None
  • Animal Tokens: Rambi
  • Difficulty: 2/10
  • Extra Lives: 2
  • Level Warp: Yes (only in the Game Boy Advance version)
  • Photographs: 1
  • Music: DK Island Theme (Begins at Part 2)


[edit | edit source]

Enter the level. Jump on the roof of the cave you just exited and climb to the top it. Jump to the right and land on the treetop. Run fast and jump as you run to the end. You will collect a hidden banana cluster. Kill the green Kritter. Grab the letter K, and jump on the rope. Under you are two Army (armadillo enemies). If you are Donkey Kong you can kill them with one jump, if you are Diddy then it will take two jumps. But you can avoid them. Climb the rope and jump to the treetops. If you are DK, then slap the ground, and a banana cluster will pop out. Do the same to the other two trees. Jump to the landing. Jump on the Kritter coming your way. Climb up the rope, grab the DK barrel and jump back down. Throw the barrel at Kritter walking your way. Jump on the other Kritter. Grab the motionless rope. It will start swinging when you get on it. Time it just right and grab the Rambi token.

Drop to the middle of the ground below the rope. Slap the ground with DK, in the indention. A banana cluster will appear. Grab it and continue up the embankment. An Army will try to roll down and get you, but jump on him before he gets into a ball. Jump onto the rope there. Swing onto the tree. Grab the letter O. Slap the ground with DK, and get another banana cluster. Do the same with the next one. (Now you can fall down directly below that tree and land in a barrel that will blast you into a secret area. In the secret area just jump from rope to rope, collecting all the bananas. At the end you can get the letter N. You will be blasted out of there and will skip some of the below area. When you land you will pop up a tire. Push it directly under the tree, but watch out for the Army. Kill him and then jump on the tire. You will stand on the tree. Then jump down onto that shaded spot on the ledge. You've popped up a Winky token.) Jump onto the Kritter that is on the treetop to your right. Be careful, you can easily die here. Just calmly jump on him and land. Do the same with the next one. Grab a hold of the rope. Swing to the land, walk up there and hit the Star barrel. That is your save point. You are now half way done with the level. Continue walking. Grab the TNT barrel and throw it on the Kritter walking towards you. Grab the motionless rope and swing to the next one. Grab it and swing to land. There are two Army bandits down there. Watch them and when they unroll and look around, jump on them.

Walk to the other end. Come back a bit and slap the ground. A banana cluster. Walk a little bit ahead and slap the ground again. A balloon life! Jump back onto the walkway. Climb up the ridge, and jump toward the high point. Walk right until you see a rope suspended. Jump on it, and swing to a treetop with a Kritter, squash him and jump to the next rope. You'll see your 'N' grab it as you swing to the next rope. This might be a bit tricky the first time. Pay attention to you timing. Then swing over the Zinger and land on the ground. Collect all the bananas. Slam the ground with DK or Diddy. You may have to go to the right and kill the Army and jump to the tree, then jump back down onto ledge. Jump on the shadowed spot on the ledge. Collect the Winky token. (There is a shadowed spot to the left, right after the Zinger. You can hit it by jumping in the tree and jumping to the left on it. It is a tire. It is used for help for getting the token.)

Jump onto the rope and swing over the Zinger, and then swing over another Zinger. Then you'll come upon two Zingers. Don't worry about them, they are the same as before. The timing is what matters. Land on the ledge and kill the Kritter. Jump over the hole then jump IN it. You'll show up in a small DK version of the game "Memory" where you must stare at the barrels. Whichever barrel you think the balloon is in, choose it for the extra life. If it's the right barrel, you get the second life of the game. There is also a little glitch to make it give you 3 lives. Continue to the right.The rain will start to lessen until it's quit and the sun is shining in a sunset type coloring. Watch the Army, until he stops rolling and looks around. Pounce on him then. To get the letter G, you'll need to be Diddy. Slap hands if he isn't leading and jump up carefully. You can walk out the door without getting it, and be one less of life. Run up the Exit hole and jump to the tree collect the letter G. Hop down and run out the door. Level complete!

Warp Barrel Location

[edit | edit source]

Enter the level and go towards the two Armies. After you have eliminated the armies(barrels are useful), run towards the edge. As soon as you reach the edge, roll and you will land in the warp barrel.

Photograph location (GBA only)

[edit | edit source]

Hand Slap an Army.