Donkey Kong Country/Levels/Coral Capers

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  • Enemies: Croctopus, Bitesize, Chomps Jr., Chomps
  • Bonus Rooms: 0
  • Animal Helpers: Engaurde
  • Animal Tokens: Expresso
  • Difficulty: 4
  • Extra Lives: 1
  • Level Warp: No
  • Photographs: 1
  • Music: Aquatic Ambiance

This is an underwater level. Proceed to the right, evading the Bitesizes (the small innocent-looking fish), and turn up. At the branch, you can continue upward to collect the letter K, and proceed right to continue. In the square patrolled by the Croctopus, you will find one banana at the bottom, which under will appear as a square formation of bananas After you should continue right.

When you enter the large chamber, head to the bottom-right which is marked by an arrow composed of bananas. Proceed down to find the animal helper, Engaurde. Continue onward by moving up and turning left. Head past the Croctopus, and through the large chamber. Break the checkpoint barrel, and look for the letter O at the top. Follow the second banana arrow pointing downward.

If you lost Engaurde, you can find a second one at the bottom-right corner of the Croctopus's patrol route. However, you can't use him to defeat the croctopus, and should avoid it if it approaches. Continue left and turn up. When you reach the Chomps patrolling back and forth in the vertical passage, you can squeeze to the right to collect a gold animal icon. Continue to the top past the branch to collect the letter N, and continue right for the next part of the level.

The path to the right leads to the exit, although you will have to swim past the enemies. When you reach the croctopus, it will travel in a figure-eight pattern, with the letter G between the two blocks. Continue right to the exit.

Photograph location (GBA only)

[edit | edit source]

Swim below the letter G.