Donkey Kong Country/Levels/Barrel Cannon Canyon

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  • Enemies: Kritters, Zingers
  • Bonus Rooms: 2
  • Animal Helpers: None
  • Animal Tokens: Winky, Rambi
  • Difficulty: 4
  • Extra Lives: 1
  • Level Warp: No
  • Hidden Cameras:
  • Music: DK Island Theme (Begins at Part 1)

There is a shortcut that speeds through the first part of the map. Jump above the level entrance, and continue until you see a barrel. Enter it, and you will be launched across a series of barrels; you should collect the K in this section. This shortcut should land you at a DK Barrel, providing you a teammate if you lost him previously.

Continue right. When you see three Kritters jumping in a pit, jump on one while it is jumping to reach the tree-top above. You should now see the Rambi token in view, which you should collect.

After the checkpoint, continue right. There is a TNT barrel that you can pickup in that route, used in a secret two alcoves down. You should eventually reach a barrel that you can enter (although there is another route available without said barrel, but it's more difficult.) Wait for the above barrel to align, and launch yourself a few screens ahead.

Next, you will need to enter another barrel. This requires completing a sequence of blasts that require you to launch when the barrels are aligned, and when you aren't blocked by a Zinger. The barrels move more quickly as you go through the sequence, but you should eventually arrive at a sign with an arrow pointing to the right.

To reach the letter G, jump on one of the approaching blue Kritters to launch yourself onto the tree with bananas. Next, roll and jump to clear the gap between the two trees. Alternatively, climb above the exit tunnel, and approach the letter from the right.