Donkey Kong Country/Kongs

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Donkey Kong

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Donkey Kong, or DK for short, is the head ruler of Kongo Bongo Island who owns an enormous banana hoard. When he hears the bad news of the Kong's banana hoard being stolen by the Kremlings, he embarks on a journey to retrieve his stolen bananas. This strong ape is capable of pounding many enemies but cannot do this quest alone and requires his friends' help. His main companion during this journey is Diddy Kong.

Diddy Kong

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Diddy Kong is Donkey Kong's nephew. He is trapped inside a DK barrel and must wait for DK to help free him before he joins Donkey Kong on his quest. This little chimp doesn't have DK's ground pound ability.

Cranky Kong

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Cranky is DK's father, and gives certain advice to Donkey Kong. He really doesn't want to help DK, because he only cares about the island and himself. He's old, with a cane and rocking chair, and scolds DK and Diddy a lot. Though he is wise, he can certainly be a jerk at time.

Funky Kong

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DK and Diddy's bud, Funky takes them all over the island to the places where the banana guardian has been beaten, and the place you're currently working on. In the Game Boy versions he also runs a minigame called Funky's Fishing where the goal is to catch a certain amount of sea creatures (in one case, pieces of trash) before the time runs out.

Candy Kong

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DK's girlfriend, whom he talks about with Diddy a lot, is Candy Kong. Candy runs Candy's Save Barrel and can save your game anywhere. If you are on your way to a new part of the island and don't have Funky's Flights unlocked yet (other than Gangplank Galleon), you need to go back to the part where you just beat the banana guardian and save the game in case you die before reaching Candy's and have to start over. In the Game Boy Advance versions, Candy's Save Point is replaced with Candy's Dance studio, which is a mini-game that functions somewhat like Dance Dance Revolution and Parrapa the Rapper, only fitted to the GBA's button scheme.