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A German Shepherd Dog (Deutscher Schäferhund).

The German Shepard was developed in Germany where it is known as Deutscher Schaeferhund. It was developed to control the movements of herds of sheep in hilly and mountainous terrain. It is a member of the Kennel Club classification herding group

The breed is also known as an Alsatian in English, because Britain was once at war with the German people, and Alsace is on the French border of that nation, and along with Lorraine, both of which regions were bilingual, and so, while it was considered 'unpatriotic' to buy from 'the enemy' it was good to buy from the 'friendly' French who were being invaded!

The breed is strong, agile intelligent, fearless and easily trained, which is why it is often chosen to work with police and rescue services, particularly in difficult situations like disasters and riots, where humans are less effective.