Dog Care/Spaying and neutering

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Dog Care

Spaying or neutering your dog can be helpful both for the dog and for you.

  • No possibility of accidental puppies (There are already many more dogs than there are people who want them, leading to many deaths.)
  • Dogs are less apt to run away and/or attract stray dogs
  • Spaying a female dog almost eliminates the risk of uterine infections, genital cancers, and mammary tumors
  • Decreases aggressiveness of males to each other in the presence of females in heat (Unfortunately, it will not consistently decrease other types of aggressiveness.)
  • Decreases territory marking, which aids in house-training
  • Reduces the risk of prostate enlargement in male dogs
  • Avoids disadvantages of female dogs in heat, such as aggressiveness, discomfort, and discharge of fluid from the vagina