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How to clean jewelry:

Well, you will find articles on the web about how to clean jewelry with a toothbrush, or soaking it in some watery solution. Why? Because diamond engagement rings, wedding bands, earrings, and your other fine jewelry will eventually start to show a loss of sparkle with weeks and months of hand lotion, hair products, and oil from your skin accumulating on them.

The fact is, if you really want to clean your jewelry well, you should consider taking it to a jeweler, who has ultrasonic and steam cleaning equipment on the premises. There, you will be able to professionally clean your jewelry, sometimes free of charge, without the risk of damaging your valuables.

Consider purchasing a jewelry cleaning system for your own home. There are several great options on the market for you. These units are what the professionals use. Granted, the prices are more than what you would pay if you were to purchase units from the home shopping network, or someplace like that, but the qualities aren't comparable. CD Nelson Consulting Inc, the manufacturers and designers of the Jewelshine and Steamshine ultrasonic and steam cleaning systems mentioned here are the world leaders in this technology, and have almost a million installations of their products world-wide.

The combination of ultrasonic cleaning followed by steam cleaning your jewelry cannot be beat. The ultrasonic waves, cavitations, break up particles of dirt and contaminants that are even hidden in tiny crevices and undercuts and brings them to the surface. Then, the steam cleaner removes them. Please note; jewelry cleaners are for fine jewelry (gold, silver, precious stones) and not costume jewelry (rhinestones, plated, plastic).