Disaster and WMD Defence Guide/Shelter Location

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You should primaly take shelter in a CP shelter. If you don't have this option, in case of nuclear leak take cover in an under ground cellar space or in case of a gas leak you should (depending on the gas) take cover in the top floor (don't go to the attic, because attics usually present a lot of "blocking" which will be handled later,

Radioactivity weakens[edit]

When it goes through material For example 35cm (14inches) of concrete reduces the radiation levels to 1:50

Name 1:50 1:100
Concrete 35cm Concrete 45 cm
Brick 50cm Brick 60cm
Solid earth 55cm Solid earth 70cm

When the distance to the radiating particles grows, half of the radiation is received when a person is within 8 meter radius of the source of radiation.

With time

Time Drop
2H 1:2
7H 1:10
48H 1:100
2 weeks 1:1000

Preparing your shelter[edit]

First you need to bring to your shelter or have it ready

  • #Are optional
  • = Is a Good to have thing
  •  ! Is a life and death matter

  • #Adequet amount of clothes#
  • #Toys to keep children occupied #
  •  !Well preserving food for 2-5 days!
  • #Reading #
  •  !Radio, TV or a Computer! A radio is the best because it's got a simple broadcasting system which is easier to have back up and running after any type of situation. Stay on government channels to receive more accurate info.
  • =Personal protection gear =
  • =Important medication and Important documents=
  • Eating utilities, Plates, forks etc.
  • Matches Don't use unless you absolutely need to because they "eat" oxygen
  • Auxiliary light source