Digital Re-Discovery of Culture/Digital re-Discovery of Culture — Cultural Context

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Cultural context[edit]

Nature versus Culture[edit]

The natural uncultivated world, the world without humans, is by definition the Nature.

The cultivated world, that part of the Nature which has been transformed by humans is what we will call in general, the Culture.

Cultural heritage[edit]

One's natural language is part of one's cultural heritage. In this context it is worth comparing with the rather narrow definition of Cultural heritage as heritage.

Other key aspects of the culture include dance, song, music, art and so. Let us take a brief look at one of the great cultures of the world, that of India. There are so many things to take in. But one quickly identifies both space (geography) and time (history) to play a considerable role in the analysis. Specifically, that which constitutes the geography of India is very modern indeed. For insight into such modernity of geography one might turn to the history of India.