Dialectical Behavioral Therapy/Core Mindfulness Skills/Wise Mind

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Diagram showing that the Wise Mind is the overlap between the emotional mind and the reasonable mind.

Wise Mind is the integration of emotion mind and reasonable mind. Emotion mind is characterized by mood dependent behavior, i.e. behavior that is determined by the current emotional state. Emotion mind is problematic because people often act impulsively under the effect of strong emotions. Reasonable mind, in contrast to emotion mind, is cool and deliberate. Reasonable mind is the product of learning, experience, and knowledge. Wise mind is the integration of emotion mind and reasonable mind but goes beyond both of them.

Wise Mind is a state of mind in which you experience yourself as being calm, centered, and in control of your emotions.

In Wise Mind, you act in accordance with your beliefs, principles, and values which deepens feelings of coherence and integrity.

Wise Mind is strengthened by practicing all skills, especially Core Mindfulness Skills.