Diagnostic Radiology/Musculoskeletal Imaging/Infection

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Basic concepts

   1.  Routes of spread 
       a.  Hematogenous 
       b.  Spread from a contiguous source 
       c.  Direct implantation
   2.  People
       a.  Infants 
       b.  Children 
       c.  Adults 
       d.  Intravenous drug users


   1.  Terminology 
       a.  Sequestrum 
       b.  Involucrum 
       c.  Cloaca 
       d.  Brodie abscess 
       e.  Sclerosing osteomyelitis of Garre
   2.  Organisms 
       a.  Bacterial 
       b.  Tuberculous 
       c.  Fungal 
       d.  Syphilis 
       e.  Rubella 
       f.  Leprosy 
       g.  Lyme disease 
       h.  Bacillary angiomatosis 
       i.  Parasitic infection 
       j.  Hydatid disease 
       k.  Cysticercosis
   3.  Miscellaneous 
       a.  Sarcoidosis
       b.  Osteitis pubis 
       c.  Pyomyositis 
       d.  Gas gangrene 
       e.  Ainhum 
       f.  Necrotizing fasciitis 
       g.  Chronic multifocal osteomyelitis
       h.  SAPHO Syndrome
       i.  Septic Arthritis