Diagnostic Radiology/Chest Diagnosis

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Chest Wall, Mediastinum and Pleura[edit]

  1. Chest Wall Lesions
  2. Pleural Masses
  3. Pleural Effusions
  4. Pleural Thickening and Pleural Calcification
  5. Elevated Hemidiaphragm
  6. Mediastinal Shift
  7. Anterior Mediastinal Mass
  8. Middle Mediastnal Mass
  9. Posterior Mediastinal Mass
  10. Hilar Mass

Increased Pulmonary Opacities[edit]

  1. Atelectasis
  2. Segmental and Lobar Opacities
  3. Diffuse Coalescent Opacities
  4. Fine Reticular Opacities
  5. Coarse Reticular Opacities
  6. Diffuse Fine Nodular Disease
  7. Multifocal Ill-defined Opacities
  8. Multiple Nodules and Masses
  9. Solitary Pulmonary Nodule

Loss of Pulmonary Opacity[edit]

  1. Hyperlucent Lungs
  2. Solitary Localized Lucent Defect
  3. Multiple Lucent Lesions