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The Hosgri Fault (also Hosgri Fault Zone, San Gregorio-Hosgri Fault Zone) is an offshore fault (geology)|fault zone located near the Central Coast of California in San Luis Obispo County, California|San Luis Obispo County. The main fault stretches for about 140|km|mi|sing=on, and the coastal communities closest to it are Cambria, California|Cambria, San Simeon, California|San Simeon and Morro Bay, California|Morro Bay, Baywood-Los Osos, California|Baywood Park-Los Osos, and Avila Beach, California|Avila Beach. [1] The fault system (including branches) is some 420 km long, and is a right-lateral strand of the San Andreas fault system[2]

Fault Information

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The Hosgri Fault is a component of the San Andreas Fault system.[3] Its movement is primarily reverse thrust fault|thrust, as well as exhibiting right lateral slip, and is thought to be capable of generating earthquakes of up to magnitude 7.5.[1] The November 4, 1927 Lompoc earthquake (magnitude 7.1) is thought to have occurred on this fault.[4]

Seismology|Seismologists monitor activity on the Hosgri fault constantly because of its physical proximity to the nuclear Diablo Canyon Power Plant. In fact, the fault lies only 2½ miles offshore from the nuclear power plant. [5] More recently in 2008, yet another even closer fault was discovered, the Shoreline Fault 1 mile from the NPP.



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