Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant: The WikiBook/Acknowledgements

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  • The staff at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission have been very helpful at public forums at which they provided very learned answers to questions from the public.
  • Dr. Norm Abrahamson of the University of California at Santa Barbara was the keynote speaker at a forum in November 2010 in San Luis Obispo and provided an excellent encapsulation of earthquake related issues at DCPP.
  • Sandra S. Schulz and Robert E. Wallace authored material on the San Andreas Fault which was made available on a USGS dot-gov website.
  • David Weisman and Rochelle Becker are principals in the Alliance for Nuclear Responsibility and through their website and listserv made much information available which was not available through other sources.
  • Administrators at Wikibooks have gone beyond the call of duty and gave generously of their time correcting errors and providing state of the art software tools. Particularly patient and helpful have been the administrators logging in as Adrignola and the aptly named Quite Unusual.