Development Cooperation Handbook/Partnership Management/What to consider when choosing partners

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When deciding whether to work in partnership with another organisation, we should:

  • Be clear about the purpose of the partnership and the activities to be undertaken by Organization and the proposed partner.
  • Appraise the partner under consideration and also whether the proposed partner and Organization have the necessary competencies to achieve the project objectives, working in partnership.
  • Appraise whether this partnership will be a cost-effective way of bringing about the intended changes.

Appraising the proposed partner organisation involves:

  • Checking that the organisation is compatible with Organization in terms of its mission, values, credibility and accountability, including the way it addresses issues of diversity and gender equality.
  • Checking that the organisation has the management and professional competence and capacity to deliver the programme on time, on budget, and to agreed professional standards, including working to address gender inequalities and the participation of people living in poverty. OR
  • Agreeing what support they need to ensure the project is implemented effectively and how that support will be provided.