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Testimonials - Development Cooperation Handbook Steps and Tools


C.B. Rao
Senior officer of the United Nations
Varanasi, India, Feb 2011

Is there a difference in the way different cultures see "development"?[edit | edit source]

C.B.Rao - The economic argument is weak; the spiritual dimension of solidarity is a strong argument

Why should we spend our money to fund the development of other people?

Sharing knowledge and resources[edit | edit source]

Spirituality and Solidarity

What is "global citizenship ?"[edit | edit source]

Global Village and World Citizenship

We must feel it our moral responsibility to help our fellow citizens. The idea of a country or a nation state is history. Today, our economies are intertwined and so are people intertwined both electronically and ecologically.

Once, crossing the oceans was like crossing a whole world. Today people move back and forth easily. Today, boundaries do not matter. So, we cannot remain oblivious to suffering anywhere in the world. And this is what global citizenship is all about.