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Testimonials - Development Cooperation Handbook Steps and Tools

Andris Piebalgs was the EU Commissioner for Development at the European Commission.

Interview on Youtube ⇒ playlist

Andris Piebalgs
EU Commissioner Development
Brussels, Belgium July 2011

Doing our best with limited resources[edit | edit source]

Equitable access to the resources

Europe Aid is trying to do its best with limited resources but real change will be possible only when we all citizens need to adopt a responsible life style.

The human dimension of development work[edit | edit source]

The human dimension of development work

Satisfaction and Challenges of my job

My personal story tells about how political engagement con change people lives[edit | edit source]

A Latvian school teacher who becomes Europe Aid Commissioner

We will never stop the cooperation with the Syrian people[edit | edit source]

About cooperation with Syria

We will never stop the cooperation with the Syrian people

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