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The HR plan should include sections regarding how to

  1. Managing the recruitment and selection processes
  2. Manage the Team performance
  1. Review employee performance
  2. Improve employee performance
  3. Recognize and Success and Reward Superior Performance
  4. Discipline Minimal Performers



Swiss sknife.png Applicant employee evaluation form
Swiss sknife.png Staff Activity Forecast and Report
Swiss sknife.png Interpersonal skill assessment
Swiss sknife.png Employee Performance Review – Peer Review
Swiss sknife.png Performance appraisal forms


Swiss sknife.png Key Questions for Establishing the Team Organization
Swiss sknife.png How to reach an agreement on the Employee Performance Objectives
Swiss sknife.png How to manage motivated and effective teams
Swiss sknife.png How to recognize if Team Building is successful
Swiss sknife.png How to check the level of togetherness in a team
Swiss sknife.png Measures to make teams more performing
Swiss sknife.png The 5 steps of team creation
Swiss sknife.png Checklist for Identifying Performance Problems

Swiss sknife.png Why do organisations need to plan and manage their communication?
Swiss sknife.png How team members can improve overall project communication
Swiss sknife.png Measures to make teams more performing
Swiss sknife.png Required characteristics of the project manager
Swiss sknife.png The 10 Project Management Guiding Principles

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